SOLVED: I needa diagram on how to hook up my case wires to - Fixya SOLVED: I needa diagram on how to hook up my case wires to - Fixya

How to hook up case wires to motherboard, 1 suggested answer

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Each are two pin plugs. Now I have the tedious job of reinstalling and wiring up the case.

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How do i hook up case fans - Here's the latest news about Belladrum Tartan Heart from our in-house editorial team:. The location of the connector is usally in the upper right hand corner, but this may differ between brands.

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Connect the secondary IDE to the disc drives. What your looking for is where the ports are on the motherboard.

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You may need to make them longer too. The connectors can only go in one way.

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SATA power cables are black and wide, but thin. Fek 3 Comments Define hook: I ended up not using the HDD bay fan and blower for clearance reasons, but I did wire them up as well: Turn on your PC.

Motherboard wires ?

Just for reference, these are the pages I've been looking at In the manual for the ASUS motherboard it should have the connection layout for where the connectors are installed to on the mohterboard. There is NO Pin 7. You might be asking why are you hooking up wires when you don't even have the power supply in the case yet.

Here are the CPU's mounted to their heatsinks.

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I used wiring diagrams found HERE.