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Aim your stereo's antenna horizontally or diagonally toward the window so FM signals can reach your stereo. Other than connecting an antenna you shouldn't have to do any setup for FM reception. Step 4 Wind the exposed ends from each of the two wires around one of the threaded connectors beneath each lug.

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In general, get your radio near a window. But, set-up properly, it will give the best reception of anything out thereā€¦radio stations use these to get a reference-quality signal.

FM antenna hookup

Concrete, brick and steel are enemies of radio signal. This one is neutrally attractive and works reasonably well with a little experimentation. Step 1 Measure and cut twofoot lengths of insulated wire with the wire cutters.

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No special experience in wiring is required, nor is any power supply for the antenna required. If you can't move the stereo, turn off any devices close to the stereo to reduce the amount of interference coming from the devices. It may also be possible that you're just overloading the FM antenna input with the amplified signal.

Plug the antenna's leads under the screws then tighten the screws. Your homemade antenna will provide a more stable signal and a clearer sound when listening to FM.

Uses for fm antenna hook up batteries, non rechargeable batteries and fuel fm antenna hook up Apply just enough solder to the heated wire so that melted solder flows back into the insulation, then remove the solder and heat from the wire.

FM radio signals travel in a wave about 6 feet wide. Turn your stereo's fine-tuning knob to get the station to come in clearer. Plus, they can come in handy for your TV when the cable system has an outage. Somewhere between the earths crust and mantle? Next cut a slit aprox. Move the antenna to the left or right as you adjust your stereo's fine-tuning knob.