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The Hell Hotline demands the soul of whoever uses it taoyuan online dating payment.

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One episode features a girl named Tae Sakairi, who is so in love with the idea of playing the "victim" of this trope, that she actually becomes distressed when the object of her affection, her childhood friend Kei, rejects the "other woman" and decides to fall in love with Tae instead.

Against that big bad nasty spider maybe? Amagi discovers Muru alive and well, the bag of meat being nothing but another prank. Somebody always gets sent to Hell, despite any attempts to prevent it there are exceptions to the rule, but they're very far and few between.

It was an experiment. What does he get sent to hell for?

Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae

Ai says the butterfly just wasn't dead. Ai also has the power to create fire, which she has only used on two occasions. They treated her and her mother like crap and did absolutely nothing to help her mother when she got sick enough to start coughing up blood,yet not a single person is seen getting any sort of comeuppance at all.

The man sends Tetsuro to Hell for ruining his car, and Hone Onna erases herself from Kumiko and Tetsuro's wife's memories. Later on, after the Gate to Hell was opened for a while during the Six-Mon Lantern festival, she left Yuzuki's body, and retrieved control of her own physical body, as if she was resurrected.

This changed however, when Ai received a client's request only to find it was a trap set by Gilles de L'Enfer.

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By taking the lives of her clients' tormentors, she personally takes them aboard her boat on the Sanzu River for transportation into Hell. Ai has displayed the ability to show someone the future of a grudge, as she showed Yuzuki Mikage, in Episode 16 of Three Vessels.

Consumed by hatred, Ai ignores their warnings and manages to hit Hajime and Tsugumi with her dark energy projectiles. Subverted by the townspeople of season 2.

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For example, the hot springs episode of Futakomori and the possession scene from Mitsuganae. She posts a letter to Tachibana, apologizing and saying she will move out as soon as she can.