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The fight continued, but was quickly interrupted by the appearance of a giant soldier patrolling the quarantine area.

Using this skill it is hard to attack with precision, even though you can significantly amplify even a small amount of power.

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To which, she replied by saying prosvjed invalidating she doesn't and it hasn't been that long since 'We Got Married' ended.

Through a combination of Baam's attack and Han Sung's amplification, the demon was annihilated and the group managed to arrive at Big Breeder's location.

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The episode took a funny turn when Lee Kwang Soo who was clearly left out, went ahead and asked them that why they weren't asking him if he was seeing someone. When Yu Han Sung said he didn't want to fight Ren, it wasn't him being afraid of Ren's power, but rather the political consequences of battling against a RED member.

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With this, and while looking at Baam, Han Sung mentally noted, "I knew it. By making holes through the fruit's tunnels, Han Sung created a shortcut leading through the fruit's shelters and straight to the exit.

He uses a wave to maximize the effect of Shinsoo. Baam's nemesis was then tranquillised by Batis, a data human that Han Sung allied with.

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Following which, Kim Jong replied saying that he didn't which left Jung Hye Sung puzzled and confused as she had thought he did. This time the show witnessed the members who were involved in competing in a 'First Place Tour.

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In the ensuing fight, Han Sung attempted to crush Baam's nemesis to death using a suspended trap however, much to his surprise, Baam saved his nemesis instead. It is unknown if he is a legitimate Wonsul user, or whether he learnt Wonsul naturally.

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Androssi teleported Han Sung and the rest of the group away using Bong Bong. This is Hansung's special skill.

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Han Sung agreed, however at this moment, Baam's nemesis awakened and the giant soldier attacked the seed. The Hidden Floor After saving Baam and Androssi Zahard from suddenly being crushed in the quarantine area, a data version of younger Yu Han Sung commented that his long wait had finally "paid off".

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Han Sung then said that Baam would be able to break through the door.