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Grenze ddr harzflirt, ddr4 pristine series single channel

Whenever the WRITE command is detected the data will be sampled from data interface and written into sparse memory based on Bank, Row and Column address.

Configuration file for all the available part number can be created, which will be loaded through configuration loader. This is known as a "pre-charge" command, or "closing" the row.

Call-backs can be implemented at the various stages of the transaction like, at the start of transaction, at the start of address phase, at the start of data phase, at the end of transaction etc.

SDRAM memory cells are very small and constructed of a single pass gate transistor and capacitor to store the charge. We can get the generated transaction through the call backs and then can change the behaviour of a particular transaction.

This can be done using some script which will select part number of user choice and load it into the memory model. Convert pin level data to abstract high level transaction which will be communicated to different blocks. This customize option will help the user to change the clock period when generating the model.

Model will behave as DDR DRAM and also provide additional advance features like inbuilt checkers, functional coverage, analysis port to collect sampled transaction, backdoor access to memory, Error injection, call back execution at different level of transaction etc.

Today with current technology era, we have such importance with call backs. Driver will be waiting for an event from the Monitor to start driving. Backdoor access we can provide to the user as DDR has may read only field, which will be configured at the time of manufaturing of DRAM.


So to save the precious timings back door is the correct solution. Each memory vendor will have Memory Model with different part numbers. Connecting it as a passive element it will just avoid sending response to the DRAM controller but it provides all the advance features like checkers, functional coverage etc.

The higher speed and the efficiency have challenged the technical world to have more precious memory compared with the existing one. The most important application of the call back is the erroneous testing for the Model.

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