Handling women bosses/peers/subordinates at work : TheRedPill Handling women bosses/peers/subordinates at work : TheRedPill

Flirting with a female colleague, my employee keeps flirting with me

I have a girlfriend! OP can handle this, she just needs to be factual and then stick to her guns — no mixed messages ever.

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He took the idea happily, and immediately turned to Onome and begins to comfort her. You will lose credibility and rumors of unfairness will crop up.

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She agreed there was no harm in asking and that was the end of it. Do not flirt back. Oga Boss was visibly upset. The power you get from the support of your team is far great to endanger with such rash behavior.

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All of her metrics have been stellar. We did go for a one on one lunch and others with friends. Maggie June 12, at However, while you dont act on it, you should understand that when a woman wants you, she will work very hard at her job.

Female employees flirting with male boss

He wants an excuse at this point, which i was ready to give. Always be a leader, understand that her desire for you makes a better work relationship.

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I got a rejection based on the fact she was seeing another guy and they have decided not to date other people at that moment. IANA behavioral psychologist, so this post should be read for entertainment value only.

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