Relative Pronoun - Definition, Examples and Exercises Relative Pronoun - Definition, Examples and Exercises

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This has been a busy week. This and that are used for singular nouns. These are the books I have read. Don't be that silly! An antecedent must be identified before a pronoun can be used.

My mother makes chocolate muffins with an old recipe from my grandmother. In scientific prose WE implies the author and his imaginary reader.

Types of Pronoun

In colloquial speech absence of articles contributes to the effect of carelessness and spontaneity: I have a best friend whose dog is very dangerous. Thompson, who is 60, has just retired from his job. A demonstrative pronoun is a pronoun that is used to point to something specific within a sentence.

WE can be used ironically in the plural of humility in the speech of uneducated people: One must be finished by Friday. Demonstrative pronoun THAT may greatly enhance the expressive colouring of the utterance and point to the excitement of the speaker: THEY can have a generalizing meaning and indicate some abstract entity, not referring to any real characters.

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