First Day Of School Outfit First Day Of School Outfit

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Pumps are normally best, flat canvas shoes are always nice and espadrilles. I always try to dress fashion-forward on the first day, because i think of the first day of school as a gateway into what your whole year will be like!

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Would you like to merge this question into it? When is the first day of school? Nothing really brings you down, because stress isn't a word in your vocabulary.

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Maybe lip gloss if you want and skin colored foundation. You could probably wear the same pair of black jeans for the rest of your life and die a happy person.

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That could work, skinnines are always nice, ugg's or sneakers, if you have a really nice hoodie that would work. I would say Abercrombie Areopostale hollister American Eagle but if you want to go less expencive Kohls target First day of middle school?

What is a good first day of school outfit?

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So if you want just do whatever you have in your wardrobe and mix and match, also I'm British, so I have to wear school uniform, if your american, and your fashion is different from ours un- likely then sorry: Bohemian You're a go-with-the-flow type of gal.