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Palmer money to call it that, so In-N-Out chooses not to. Mustard Grilled They paint your burger with mustard before grilling just like with Animal Style.

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Veggie Burger — This is the sandwich for vegetarians and vegans; only bun plus vegetables. The fries are suppose to be bananas.

Lemon-Up Half lemonade, half 7-up or Sprite. Veggie Burger Just like the Grilled Cheeseexcept with no cheese. This makes them taste worse, but they are marginally better for you. Not my favorite, but hey, different strokes for different folks.

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More than 10 years ago, In-N-Out accommodated orders of burgers of any size. Failures Not everything that we found on the Internet actually existed.

Cheese Fries Fries with cheese on top. Running about 5 bucks. Neapolitan Shake All three shake flavors in one delicious cup.

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I worked for In-N-Out for 5 years as a Manager for 3 of them. That stands for any other secret item I missed, too. Although they are not advertised, these menu items are available in most locations.

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Not all suicides are created equal, and this one tastes pretty good. Their menu consists of the usual cheeseburger, regular hamburger, and the Double-Double, which has two slices of cheese and two burger patties.

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Can also be ordered Animal Style. Food is best enjoyed with friends and loved ones.

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