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Even though this activity was public years before the uprising in Proceso magazine among Mexico most important magazines and it was the Mexican Government who was for years trying to disguise it. He serves on the board of advisors for Stonebridge International.

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The border state is a bastion of the opposition National Action Party PANwhose hard-charging standard-bearer, Diego Fernandez, has emerged in many polls as the main challenger to Zedillo's Institutional Revolutionary Party, widely known as the PRI, which has ruled Mexico for 65 years.

The country would be in a very dangerous spiral, which could lead to very serious situations because not only there is discomfort in Chiapasbut in many places in Mexico.

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These negotiations took place with the purpose of establishing parameters and base for the peace dialog between the parties. For that President Ernesto Zedillo endured heavy political criticism at the time, he demonstrate humility of a Great Man of State, President Ernesto Zedillo did not accept Secretary of Interior Esteban Moctezuma resignation and ask him to restore the Dialog conditions to achieve a peaceful solution to the Zapatista Crisis.

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They would begin the terrorist bombings, kidnappings and belligerent activities. So with the purpose to give credibility to the investigations of those political crimes and grant "a healthy distance", president Zedillo appointed Antonio Lozano Gracia a member of the opposition Political Party PAN as Attorney General of Mexico.

Seeking better job and education opportunities for their children, his parents moved to MexicaliBaja California.

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Organizing a social phenomena, now widely recognized as the world first postmodern revolution. The 7 April meeting ended at 4: Making a strong position against 9 February actions against Peace, Secretary of the Interior Esteban Moctezuma defender of a political solution, to the Zapatista Crisis to submit his resignation to the President Ernesto Zedillo which he does not accept it and asks the Secretary of the Interior Esteban Moctezuma to try the improbable task of restoring the Conditions for dialog to reach a negotiation.

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They demonstrated their sense of will, affinities and confidence where dispensed by with respect by both a significant track of understanding got established. Inhe was appointed Secretary of Education by president Carlos Salinas.

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Union Pacific owns some of the railroads that Zedillo privatized during his presidency in Mexico. He won with Important agreements were reached between the two, they called them: