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Four 5 foot lengths of 2. I believed this was not a placebo since we have tried to exchange the position few times to confirm our finding. The different between previous and latest setup only exchanging the 1 uF and 0.

If you remember, I dissected the Western Electric wire and described it to you. All are made from natural materials with the emphasis solely on your musical enjoyment. We concentrate primarily on parts used inside tube amplifiers.

Hook-Up Wire

When new developments heralded as the second coming scarcely amount to more than a new lick of paint, what is needed is a no holds barred attitude towards research and development combined with optimum levels of execution in all areas. I know, deep breath.

I mean, what if it sucked? The result was amazing. It is an assembly of one or more individually insulated electrical conductors, usually held together with an overall sheath.

The internal wiring has been upgraded with some Duelund Hook-Up Wire various size of 0. So with that in mind, I poured a bourbon on the rocks, and sat down for a listen. I have heard this system several times, and after this last few modification, the result was awesome.