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Knights of the shovel. There has been a lot of fear about evictions expressed on the forums. St Leger later founder of the Cape Times DFA today The Diamond Fields Advertiser, affectionately known to its readers as the DFA, outlived its rivals and has continued as a daily paper although the Saturday edition was dropped in the circa late s.

Readership stands at 68 mainly in Kimberley and the surrounding region, with a print-run of 11 copies.

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More events will come, along with the scheduling of repeat events for those that have been play tested during pre-alpha. We have regular fishing derbies, and have successfully tested the novian world series of poker for later deployment.

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Random mentoring occurs frequently and is advertised via the noble's channel or through Discord. Another of the early papers was the Diamond News. The early days The earliest paper on the Diamond Fields was a weekly called the Diamond Fieldpublished from 15 October at Pniel.

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City lots are by customized placement, you can contact Lace Delamorte for information regarding this. Diamond Fields will grow organically in that plot placement is by request in undeveloped areas.

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Our crafting pavilion is laid out as the town central focus, and here you will find many Grandmasters almost always willing to mentor students in addition to our monthly crafting events.