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However be warned, due to its pulp value, this may not be the film to watch if you're more of a common viewer. The film is action packed with so-so acting and directing.

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As far as a Roger Corman film is concerned, Deathsport is a good addition to his filmography of work, and holds a secured spot in his career.

Production[ edit ] The film was intended as a follow-up to Death Race Sad to say, I couldn't save the picture. The acting is not great, like every other Corman film, but the entertaining value is what keeps you involved.

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The only real difference is that people uses motorcycles instead of cars. The result is one of the original B movies that I have seen, and it definitely manages to be a memorable movie that overcomes its imperfections to offer a very entertaining viewing experience to viewers.

He claimed Niciphor "physically attacked" Claudia Jennings and Carradine "beat up" Niciphor in response.

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Niciphor went on to say that later in the shoot, Carradine hit him in the right eye with a karate fist during training for a fight scene and was not sure if this was "an accident" or "purposeful" as retribution for the Jennings incident. The story is nothing great, but it manages to be a mindless action Sci Fi film that is purely designed for thrilling the viewer.

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Mostly we just blew up motorcycles. Shooting was problematic and he ended up being fired. If you love, midnight movies that offers good action, interesting concepts and tongue in cheek dialogue, then by all means seek this one out.

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Deathsport is a pleasant treat for Cult film fans, and it does manage to overcome its flaws by being an entertaining Sci Fi action film that relies more on its simple plot than anything else. Nicholas Niciphor, a recent graduate of USC, was given the job of rewriting and directing the film.

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InNiciphor countered these claims in a letter to the same magazine Psychotronic Video 9 where he claimed he and two stunt men physically removed Jennings from a motorcycle when Niciphor realized she was drunk and apparently high on cocaine Jennings had a well known cocaine addiction in the late 70's.