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By mid the P Bass itself was redesigned. The Rise of Elvis Presley by Peter Guralnick There's been a story that's been exaggerated and blown out of proportion over time about Bill getting angry, throwing down the bass and storming out of the studio after not being able to play the intro to Baby, I Don't Care.

Houck's dated in August, which in all likelihood is for the one actually delivered by Sid, and is the alder bodied bass with the two screw plastic rest. As always, the thing gets blown out of sight by everyone who was there trying to top the others' stories.

It's often told by writers and fans alike that feel the need to unnecessarily embellish Elvis' abilities beyond vocals at the expense of others. Parts like potentiometers were sometimes bought in lots and supplies were used as needed.

Sid Lapworth from O. Archives at Graceland has an invoice for a Precision Bass and amplifier from O. Houck said he delivered it to Elvis personally for Bill sometime after Elvis first moved in to Graceland.

Scotty said, "all the people going along on the trips with Elvis' group got to take up so much room that there was no longer room for the big bass, so he began to play an electric. If you have one that is that goodit is definitely an exception. He did not slam or slide it. Roy The Fender Precision Bass traditionally has a 34" scale length and featured a two tone sunburst or blond finish on a solid Ash or Alder body, 20 fret Maple neck with a 7.

The finishes are definitely polyurethane. Though Bill's featured the latter, they were actually thought to have changed in early The bass is currently on temporary loan to EPE, Inc.

If they are still manufactured,I would expect them to be made in China today.