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Chris says that after meeting Erika he realized that this is the type of woman he wants to spend his life with. She has an extremely short temper, and has a tendency to become enraged whenever things don't go her way, similar to Katyusha.

What do you think about this amazing couple? She is seen as a spectator along with Maho when Ooarai was battling against Saunders University High Schoolbut did not appear in the subsequent matches against Pravda and Anzio Girls High Schoolalthough Maho and Shiho did spectate the Pravda match.

Despite her hostile feelings towards Miho, she reluctantly lent a helicopter ride for Miho's teammate Mako Reizei with Saori Takebe to visit the former's sick grandmother. However, in Ribbon Warriors, it is said that Maho is worried due to Erika's clingy attitude toward her.

Once dressed up in a reindeer costume for Maho's Christmas party, and subsequently the infamous Anglerfish Dance costume, a Christmas gift from Ooarai's Anzu Kadotanias well during the course of the festivities.

Based on her attire at the time, it is possible she came from a well-off family. She is shown to have mellowed significantly by the events of Girls und Panzer: When did they meet Chris has always had a playboy image in NBA. In the official spin-off comic, a very young Erika roughly 7 or 8 years old is seen insulting the Nishizumi sisters as being immature when they were riding tanks, threatening to tell "Sensei" about it.

But it was Erika who put a full stop to his relationships voyage.

Erika Iturbe

They do all sort of activities together in the program which includes brunches, roller skating, book fairs at Barnes and Noble, ice cream socials, etc. Usually seen wearing Kuromorimine's uniform, wearing the jacket and hat during matches. After the match; during the assembly Maho dropped Miho then appointed Erika as a vice-commander but she refused since she thinks that she defeated Miho thru luck.