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NYU students can choose between the traditional four-year MD program or an accelerated three-year degree.

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Some will be extremely rare, others will be more mundane. The tone of the content is formal and serious, and the material is clearly professional and nicely edited.

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Don't expect to see them. I can definitely follow initially but again at some point I will have to go We have been through a LOT together and I know we are going to go through a lot more.

Fourth year is the light at the end of the tunnel or really more like the light before the next tunnel which happens to be longer and darker.

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The voice behind the camera belongs to Armando Hasudungan, a medical student who appears to manage the channel on his own. Nothing anymore is normal, it all has medical connotations.

You'll need friends with unending patience who pretend never to get sick of listening to your endless venting and complaints. Apart from the clear explanations of complex topics, the beautiful hand-drawn images are what really make this YouTube channel unique.

Interactive Biology covers topics like kinesiology, pathology, the nervous system, the circulatory system, the muscular system, and even high school biology. They will be certain they have it no second opinions necessary.