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They treat it as their own problem try to do the best in recovering the data from the damage disk and recovered data completely with regu… Aravind NayakWestern Digital 2 TB USB my passport, Hyderabad, India Data recovery from Ubuntu installed hard drive I lost all data after installing Ubuntu but now data recovery had recovered all data with C Drive in reasonable cost.

Bharath Krishnan, Samsung 80 GB media damaged data recovery, Hosur Road, Bangalore Seagate GB desktop hard disk data recovery Technical team is knowledgeable, got my data back in 3 days, excellent service, I can finish my thesis without in timeframe now.

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Typical turn around time by Cromac averages about 2 to 3 days. Saikarthik hmbuffalo hard disk data recovery servicesHosa Raod Laptop hard drive data recovery services I had lost all of my graduation day photos when my hard drive suddenly crashed last month.

Clearly explained the issue and justified the price. I asked 2 of my IT friends to try to recover data for me.

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The data is filtered and quality check is done before a file list is presented to the user for review. The amount of time the technician will need to spend working on the drive may also impact this process.

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For hard drives with physical damage, the faulty components will be isolated before some costs estimates could be determined. Thank you for the support, i definitely recommend my friends if any data recovery issues in their hard disk in Mangalore.

This also includes the use of specialised and proprietary hardware and software tools.

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The video shooting was recovered without a single loss of data. Our pricing is based on the failure scenario of each drive as well as the amount of time the drive will be connected to our systems.

Then i went to now data recovery services, that retrieved everything I needed and that at a good price and with good service.

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Please note that even if the system or program files are recovered, the applications and operating system will still need to be re-installed before they can be used.

You can then choose to verify the recovered data in our office and if your required data is not recovered, we will not charge.

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Customer treatment was good.