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Many Brazilian men talk in the moment, without thinking much about what they are really saying.

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Cyprus is rich in dance and musical traditions, quite different from those of Greece. Brazilians, on the other hand, are quite the opposite. Many plants and animals are already facing extinction and the benefits of the rainforest could be lost forever, taking with it some of the most unique and distinct cultural heritages in the world.

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Obtain and share insider tips in our Cyprus Expat Forums — e. In Brazil, like many Latino cultures, it is totally normal and expected for couples to make out and touch one another in public. In the US, we even have a word for discussing the relationship status, since people normally date more than one person at once: There is basically a 'que sera sera' attitude -whatever will be, will be - and the people take things as they unfold, accepting the 'flow' of life with calm and patience.

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And of course, Brazilians love their sweets, so take advantage of the amazing desserts like brigadeiros. The famous annual Carnival parade in Brazil is the most well attended holiday in the country and is also a popular tourist attraction.

Amazon Rainforest A large part of the Brazilian culture is rooted in the traditions and customs of the indigenous people living in the Amazon Rainforest.

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Folk dances are typically accompanied by the violin and lauto, a kind of lute with four double strings and a quill from a vulture or eagle. Many people couple up, but you will also find many attractive, nice people who are single.

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