Checking the Consistency of a Repository or a Business Model Checking the Consistency of a Repository or a Business Model

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Do one of the following: If the connection is not working or objects were deleted in the database, the Consistency Check Manager does not report these errors.

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The following is an example of an error message: It only checks the consistency of the metadata and not the mapping to the physical objects outside the metadata. When clicked, displays a list of all of the objects that were checked displays the objects by name and type.

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The location of the validaterpd utility is: Start your 7-day free trial. Common Consistency Check Messages Review the table to get information about some commonly seen consistency check warnings and errors.

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Additionally, the status bar provides a summary of all the rows displayed. See Checking Models Using the validaterpd Utility for more information about using validaterpd with the -L option. Click Refresh to check only the objects that were listed as inconsistent in the last check.

Using the validaterpd Utility to Check Repository Consistency You can use the Oracle BI Server validaterpd utility to check the validity of all metadata objects in a repository.

Consistency check problems with database

Examples The following example generates an output file called results. This would cause queries to return data MUCH more slowly than you would want to.

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This often buys stabaliztion due to memory restrictions each process only gets 2GB of memory space. Syntax The validaterpd utility takes the following parameters: Running a consistency check might result in updates to your repository metadata when you run the Global Consistency Check or the Check Consistency option against an object.