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He is usually wasted on stage and smokes what looks like an entire pack on one set, while ranting about stupidity in society. His early work is only on record and is twinned with his music career, where a lot of his early material comes from. The special was filmed at The Vic Theatre in Chicago.

Billy Connolly is by far the best comedian in the word. Very funny comedian whose clever interplay with taboo subjects and wordplay are a joy to behold He touched almost all the taboos of comedians but I just can't hate him because of his sick humor and more importantly, his cunning yet attractive smile.

It began to emerge as populist entertainment in vaudeville in the early decades of the 20th century.

Top 10 Funniest Stand-up Comedians

Open mics are for learning your craft. Not to get too high minded about it, but this special felt like jazz.

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He is the quickest and smartest comic going around. His absurd take on stand-up comedy is reflected through various meta jokes and the structure of the special itself, with title cards that appear almost in conversation with him. The special was filmed at the Apollo Theater in New York.

My opinion one of the best. Ricky Gervais not in the top 10? The groundbreaker was Mort Sahl, who appeared onstage sitting on a stool with a rolled-up newspaper in his hand and talked in normal conversational tones—delivering not gag lines but caustic commentary on the political leaders, popular cultureand pillars of respectability of American society during the conservative s.

He does not shy away from dark humor, and can see the lighter side in absolutely everything, including making jokes of those who criticise him, and good ones at that.

I would want to be if I toured half the year. Billy Connolly, a former folksinger from Glasgow who achieved huge popularity in the mids with his irreverent, high-energy observational stand-up.