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Jo and I first got couple rings about a year after we first went out. Is that from your boooooyfrieeend? There might be a good guy there who is looking for someone like you. Not the current ones. And perhaps if you have began dating a Korean citizen and you yourself are not then think about getting a couple ring.

The meaning of ‘couple rings’

When it comes to family they heavily influence who he will be in a relationship with. Or you can simply invite him to your place.

The only thing that has been anchors to them are their family and roles. He also chose the design and he was the one who delt with the jewellery shop owner. In the end, a couple ring has the same meaning as alot of other Korean couple activities — such as buying couple clothes, matching ring tones, matching shoes and bags, matching matching matching!

Oh how lovely that he bought that you for, what a nice man! Most Korean men value their family wishes and gender roles.

After an long awkward pause… Me: Not so with a Korean guy. Let me see let me see! But that is just the way it goes and in a way it is nice. Woo a new ring! Promise rings relate to a pre-engagement engagment where one is promising the other that they will one day propose.

Understand that Koreans are a complex people because of their history and quick economical and global expansion. You are no longer an individual entity but two entities that have merged into one large loving, hugging, hand-holding, sweet talking, perfectly colour coded mass — I might be slightly exaggerating here.