Cricketer Chris Gayle wins 'flashing' libel case against Australian publisher Cricketer Chris Gayle wins 'flashing' libel case against Australian publisher

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Before a Caribbean Premier League match, Gayle was once asked by a female journalist: Hopefully we can win this game and have a drink after. It's not a nightclub — it's actually a workplace, it's Chris Gayle's workplace and it's Mel McLaughlin's workplace and those comments border on harassment and are inappropriate for cricket and inappropriate for the workplace.

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Chris Gayle flirts with TV reporter — video I mention this admittedly extreme but also entirely truthful account of the scenario primarily to set a scene — one, in my experience, that plays out in any number of workplaces where men still outnumber women.

When they leave at the end of the day they can settle in for a scroll down their social media mentions, which run the full gamut of the deeply broken male psyche.

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Current players, former players, members of the media and also members of the public are the perpetrators. Cricket legend Ian Chappell felt that Gayle was dismissive of the incident.

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Email Chris Gayle apologized for his conduct Chris Gayle has issued an apology for making a pass at Channel 10's reporter Mel McLaughlin while being interviewed by her on air. It seems it went out of proportion.

It was a simple joke, the game was going on, entertainment, these things get out of proportion, these things happen.

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His actions were condemned and his apology is also under fire. Written by Santosh Rao Read Time: