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Brief Info of some popular Endgame tablebases: You can see the game here: Servers known to me are listed here.

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DTC EGTs are more easily computed and stored as they involve smaller depth-ranges and are more compressible. Have they really been calculated?

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Other ways to download 6-men tablebases Several members of this community volanteered to host some of the 6-men tablebases for those who can't use eMule for some reason. If you are able, consider making a donation and help support chess learning worldwide.

Figure 3, before White's second move, is defined as "mate in one ply. Pieces may not stand on the same square. Then a subdatabase is made of all positions where Black is mated. Note that, because depth is measured in winner's moves rather than plies, this metric does not define as draw a position in which 50 winner's moves and 51 loser's moves are required to zero the ply-count, despite the fact that the loser would claim a draw after plies had been played in that endgame.

AMcHarg Nov 19, 4 TB storage on an average comp is just around the corner anyway so that won't be an 'issue' for long.