How to Extend Cell Phone Range | It Still Works How to Extend Cell Phone Range | It Still Works

Cell phone range extenders hook up, quick links

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While this unit may be an older booster it will likely fit certain situations where 4G speeds are not required. If you are looking to buy a cell booster be aware they are not cheap.

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The best option that worked for me was to rotate the antenna until I had a strong signal on my phone and than mounted it in that position. You can, of course, access the 2. You'll also need to locate the extender somewhat near a window because there is a GPS device that needs to sit in the window that allows your carrier to know where the extender is operating.

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The Nighthawk features high-power amplifiers and a high-gain antennae to maximize coverage in your home, and it employs FastLane technology, which uses both Wi-Fi bands to create one super-fast connection, ideal if you're streaming HD video or gaming. The Nighthawk also includes five gigabit ports for connecting devices to your network via ethernet, as well as a USB 3.

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A signal booster, or cell phone extender, requires that there at least a small amount of usable signal outside in the location where you mount the external antenna, otherwise the system will not have any signal to boost.

The inside components are simple enough to hook up while the outside antenna can be a pain as it should be installed high up on a roof.

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Chosen as the best overall extender by The Wirecutterit had this to say: Use it to control smart lights, locks, thermostats, and more, all while extending your Wi-Fi range to your entire home.

One of the major complaints about the network extender, besides that it only works for one carrier, is that there are frequently handoff problems between the local cell towers and the extender, so if you're entering or exiting your home, you may get a dropped call.

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A variety of companies sell wireless signal extenders that actually improve your cell phone's reception by significant levels.