Breaking Amish Rankings & Opinions Breaking Amish Rankings & Opinions

Breaking amish cast pregnant and dating, abe and rebecca knew one another pre-breaking amish

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It would appear that the appeal of such an interesting group of people went beyond their humble beginnings as simple folk and the numerous controversies no-doubt provided an incentive to keep watching. The snaps not only confirmed that Byler and Schmucker already knew each other before they married in the season one finale, but that they appeared to have a child together.

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Despite how much the show misrepresented the lives and experiences of its cast, the show became a huge hit. It is believed the couple has actually been together for two years, after Rebecca left her husband Old life: For this reason, the producers of Breaking Amish have increasingly encouraged RE: In an earlier episode, Rebecca walked down the aisle in a non-Amish wedding dress to marry Abe Lies: She's barely recognizable from her days of getting up before dawn to tend to her family's farm before heading to school.

She said that his violence eventually led to their break up. This is a case where the studio's rules fall somewhat in line with the actual Amish rules, albeit for completely different and far more cynical reasons.

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Many of the more scripted feeling scenes from the show fall into the latter category— like Katie struggling with an elevator in season one, despite the fact that numbers and arrows are not exactly quantum physics. Divorce is grounds for excommunication in the Amish world, and is only sanctioned in extremely rare cases.

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Katie, for example, had tried on several occasions to get noticed by New York model agencies without success— until she landed her place on the original season of Breaking Amish. The show claimed they met for the first time in New York and, in a later episode, they married in an English ceremony.

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It's gone onto have six seasons and a spin-off based in Los Angeles.