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Vane tells Rackham that he will tell everyone on the island about how Rackham chose his lover Bonny over his crew, virtually condemning Rackham to a lifetime without ever being able to raise a crew or be trusted by another.

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De Groot eventually overpowers Silver and right before he shoots him, Randall appears and strikes De Groot over the head with his artificial leg.

He tells her that she cannot attempt to overthrow the fort because before she'll be able to overtake the fort, he can sink half the ships in the harbor.

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The consortium has a little problem. Eleanor concedes to his demand to be a partner. Presumably, because the Walrus is flying a fake Spanish flag, the Man O' War will believe that it is a Spanish ship being attacked by a pirate.

Just then, Silver enters the cabin. He tells Flint that they have both been charged by the crew with provoking this mess.

Vane then tells Rackham that an offense like the one he has committed deserves an answer.

Black Sails (S01E08)

The next day on the beach, the members of Eleanor's shipping consortium are on the docks bidding Captain Lawrence good luck on the first voyage of a ship in the consortium.

Flint and Gates then start drinking heavily and reminiscing on old shipmates that they used to know.

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The Spanish ship buys the ruse and takes off after the Ranger. Flint ignores him and orders that the crew open fire.