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Big intimidating dog names, 7 common dog breeds that are intimidating

Failing to do so can actually be dangerous, given the size of these immense beasts. Bengal — A very large breed of tiger.

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Source Is Your Pet a Badass? Does your dog belong to one of the laziest dog breeds? This is one smart pup Labrador Retrievers: Additionally, Dobermans tend to adopt a pretty impressive posture when facing something they deem a threat.

Need we say more? Of all the dogs on our list, this may be the one least suited for first-time owners. Sahara — A very large desert.

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Harley — A brand of motorcycles that have made a name for themselves due to their monstrous size. They often appear larger than this, thanks to their thick, long fur.

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Likewise, the name is used to refer to the largest moon encircling Saturn. Magnum — A suitable name for your big dog.

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