5 Best Cat Treats - Aug. - BestReviews 5 Best Cat Treats - Aug. - BestReviews

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Natural cat treats are made with limited ingredients, which makes them easy to digest, and a great snack for your feline friend.

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Our 16 finalists for Best Cat Treat: For example, you can use them during training sessions. Fortunately, Chewy offers a wide variety of cat treats that makes it easy to shop for, and find the best cat treat for your kitty companion.

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Additionally, cat treats can be used as a peace offering after putting your cat through something they hate. Same goes for nail trimmings, baths, or any other experience your cat would rather avoid. Housecats might be more interested in attacking the curtains than killing their dinner, but their dietary needs remain the same as those of their wild cousins.

Glycerin is another common preservative. For example, the PetSafe SlimCat Food Dispenser that we included on our interactive cat toys post would make an excellent way to treat your cat while getting them to play. Anything that shows them we love them and appreciate their presence in our lives.

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They are not only tasty, but can come in handy in loads of situations. These tiny fish — eyeballs, tails, and all — will be unappealing to the faint of stomach, but our cats loved them, and they have a less pungent scent than most of the fish treats we tested: And these are most definitely a top choice!

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Updated Jun 29, at 5: And this is exactly what makes Temptations a best-seller! For them, pet grass and catnip — both included on our list — is best. Feline Greenies are the best treats for cats who need a little extra help with dental care and oral hygiene.

With omega-3 fats and tons of protein, these Ageless Paws freeze-dried treats are truly a healthy indulgence.