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They pull you over and tell you have broken some law if not, they'll make one up. We learned this trick selfie dating one of the police, who made us thank him for taking our money before he let us go.

Joining is quick, easy, and free. Second, the food is a bit pricey for the area roughly U. It's safe to say she would not return. The toll road is very nice, which makes up the bulk of the trip.

The staff is mostly helpful. The car rental agent advised this might happen, though we were still a bit unprepared for it. That is, you need to have them hand you something into which you can hide a payoff.

Third, I do not recommend driving from Lima to Paracas. It was not well groomed. The Nasca lines and the Bellestas Islands are worth seeing. Note that we traveled on a weekend, and maybe it happens only on Friday and Saturday when the environment is target rich.

Hotel Paracas, a Luxury Collection Resort, Paracas

They'll eventually hand you a book with some laws in it and tell you broke one thinking or knowing you can't speak Spanish, they'll point to some law that has nothing to do with you, but has a high fine. If in this part of the country, I would likely stay here again. The police a group of about 15 after each stop would tell you broke some law and hold you there until you paid them something.

The Hotel Paracas is a luxury resort in an otherwise very poor area including Pisco, which is a minute drive away. The key is to play stupid or actually be it; they may let you go if sit for long enough, since that looks suspiciousand do not panic!