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The challenge is accepted and Asterix and Obelix are chosen to represent the village, eventually succeeding in all tasks.

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An English translation based on the dialogue of the English version of the film was included in the Asterix Annual published by Whitman in The French language version was produced in Belgium not France. Survive the hypnotic gaze of Iris, the Egyptian.

He gives the Gauls a series of 12 tasks, inspired by Hercules but new ones, since the 12 Labours are outdated. In the village's celebration, Obelix asks Asterix if the Gauls really did conquer Rome. Iris tries to make Asterix act the phrase, "I am a wild boar"; but when Asterix constantly breaks his concentration by not taking things seriously, Iris inadvertently hypnotizes himself.

They start to assume that they might be godswhich would explain their apparent invincibility. After the Gauls succeed in every task, Caesar agrees that they are gods, gives them control of the Roman Empireand retires to live with Cleopatra in a little house in the country. The Serbo-Croatian version was published in black and white.

When the pair wakes after a night on the plains, they find themselves in Rome with their fellow villagers, who have been brought to fight in the Circus Maximus.

Asterix y las 12 pruebas

After they leave the cave, Tiddlus asks what the Beast was actually like - Obelix happily replies that it was "very tasty". Climb a mountain and answer the Old Man's riddle.

This last actually impresses the Olympian gods themselves, until Minerva suggests that godhood be granted to the Gauls; Jupiter point blank refuses to do so, stating that he, for one, is getting fed up with their antics.

Finish a meal by Mannekenpix, the Belgian. He is shown living in retirement married to Cleopatra, although it is explained that the ending is just wishful thinking.