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Asian guys dating white chicks 2, welcome to reddit.

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And Turkey is such a smaller place than the major Asian countries. But props for the honesty.

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Everytime I go to Santana Row I see a ton of these strange oddball couples. ALSO- this isnt really valid cos you see ugly guys dating hot chicks, or visa versa — where an ugly chick is dating a hot guy, regardless what RACE!

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Seven types of Asain girls who would date white guys work slicely different but same principle. Our familys tend to be more accepting of our wife.

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But mostly I think is becasue the stigma has been removed. As for Ono — Lennon, my impression is that the relationship was working out great until some butthead shot the gaijin.

Type 6 has a soft spot for tall and muscular male, they consider a strong physical appearance is necessity for a man, in general they consider white is better race and sex life works better with white male.

To all the young Malaysian guys out there who want to be real to their own desire, especially for those who are studying overseas and have the opportunity to date Caucasian girls, now is time for you to go out and discover your options with an honest heart.

Silentartist As a white male, I would have to say I am not in favor of this article.

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I prefer the dark handsome types no matter what race.