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Not only has he conquered the classical world with dazzling technique and charisma, his passion in working with various world acclaimed pop and jazz musicians on international collaborations extends traditional classical music to a massive audience.

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She's shown up on a number of musicians-to-watch listsand also has a degree in sociology from Princeton. That was always ridiculous, but these days it's gotten pretty hard to overlook the ingenious, often incredibly socially-conscious Asian musicians the world over.

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Metal bands, rock bands, Hip-Hop, the blues, whatever you desire, Musician Friends Date is the ultimate singles community for musicians.

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Yuna proves as she wins over legions of fans that music transcends religious prejudice. Musicians from a Different Shore Book Description: His sound is a slick mix of Motown and '90s rap — basically the exact opposite of PSY.

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Soon, talented musicians from Japan, China and South Korea were flocking to the United States to study and establish careers, and Asian American families were enrolling toddlers in music classes. Browse single musicians and meet new friends today.

If you have any direct knowledge that someone's rights are being infringed, I will delete those songs from the server. She basically sounds like a cross between Coldplay and Bon Iver. Not afraid to court controversy, his second album dropped on the anniversary of the L. If you have a dialup or a slow connection, write to me.

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We built the dating site for musicians to be simple and easy to use on the go to save you time and money. They have been encoded primarily in variable bitrate to get the best sound for the file size.

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She's still relatively unknown, but not for long.