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Another mini-series, Army of Darkness vs. Ash meets Candace Barr, a woman claiming she is his wife and they have a daughter, Brandy, who is apparently in trouble at the nearby Kenward County High School. He is now accompanied by Pablo Bolivar and Kelly Maxwell, two young coworkers who cross paths with him after the Evil Dead is unleashed.

Ashes 2 Ashes a four-issue miniseries that picks up directly after the film's ending, taking place on the very day Ash and his friends travel to the cabin, and leads into Army of Darkness: Ash gets the upper hand on Ruby by using the Kandarian Dagger to wound her.

Ash, having no other option, becomes a slightly braver character and begins fighting the deadites pro-actively, rather than cowering from them.

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The mechanical hand is fully functional, and even allows Ash to exhibit an otherwise superhuman grip, as seen when he easily crushes a goblet full of wine shortly after obtaining it. Ash locked up this copy of the book in a chest in his trailer.

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Followed by a mysterious man, Ash, Pablo and Candace drive to the school. His main strength seems to be his ingenuity: In the first season of Ash vs Evil Deadthe character is forcibly sprung back into action once more upon accidentally releasing the Kandarian Demon.

Back at Ash's house, Brandy fends off against the invading evil, but in the process, her phone is possessed and bites off her left thumb. From the Ashes Ash and Kaya take Brandy to the school dance, to confront Ruby but she has brought her now fully grown Ash clone spawn in attempt to trick Brandy into killing Ash herself.

In addition, during the second time he was possessed near the climax of Evil Dead II, Ash displayed some degree of superhuman strength see Deadite Ash belowas seen when he easily lifted Jake over his head and threw him at least ten feet into a tree and ripped the back screen door of the cabin off of its hinges with his one remaining hand.