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He recently finished his Let's Play of the original Legend of Zelda. JoshJepson September 20, —Present Winner: Style His humor usually consists of inappropriate content. He is currently doing a Let's Play of both Legend of Zelda: In an episode of New Super Luigi U Versus, Tyler stated that he feels like his channel is more about himself rather than the games he is playing.

In Battle Bingo, each player is given a 5x5 Bingo Card with missions on that the players must complete in a row on the Bingo card.

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Twilight Princess on holdand Pikmin 2. Little King's story is his first blind Let's Play. And, he has been involved in two series of MOOSE, a form of Versus where each player will take turns at choosing a level, and then both players will race the chosen level.

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This will happen until one player has lost five levels, making that player the loser and the other the winner. There was even a message in the video to turn down the volume in order to prevent going deaf. On Lucahjin's channel, she and Tyler play Vanilla Minecraft survival.

He has participated in eleven of these particular LPs so far: Due to positive feedback on Super Mario Sunshine Versus and Luigi's Mansion Versus, in early a Versus channel was made for JoshJepson and AttackingTucans and sometimes guests to upload Versus videos, as opposed to when they would upload the videos on their personal channels.

YoshitoMario July 22, —???

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AttackingTucans Super Smash Bros. Following that, he screamed at the top of his lungs for 30 seconds while spin-attacking all over the place. On the website fans are able to check the results of all Versus featuring AttackingTucans and JoshJepson, form their own Battle Bingo cards, enter Community Versus easier as opposed to the older method of using e-mails and many other things.