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Regina started her acting career at the age of 26 when she appeared in her first TV ads and soon after her acting career took off a recurring role in the long-running soap opera 'Loving. Omar Epps is married to Keisha Spivey since Is currently living with Sanaa Lathandue to repairs being made to her home [].

If you extended the line of the Montana-North Dakota border miles into Canada, Regina would be 30 miles West of that line. Sanaa Lathan just appeared as Epps' on-screen romance in the movie Love and Basketball.

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Did Sanaa lathan have an affair with Denzel Washington? She attended Manhattan Center for Science and Mathematics.

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Regina Hall and sanaa lathan related? At 10 years old, she is already a natural born entertainer just like her father.

Regina earns the figure of an amount by her hit movies and also successful Hollywood career.

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InHall's list of credits grew to include her first television role, as Corretta Lipp on the prime-time drama Ally McBeal, which was a recurring role for several episodes.

Who is Sanaa Lathan dating?

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This eventually led to the NPD party in Canada. He had a daughter previously.

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Net Worth and Salary: Does sanaa lathan have a child? They werent just a on-screen romance, they were together for three after that movie and were engaged at one point but never got married,and they do have one child together.

People change their minds, or their inclinations at different times throughout their lives, and sometimes choose not to make their proclivities public.

They live in California with daughter K'marie and son Amir.

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