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This Scheme would extend the benefit of life insurance coverage as well as coverage of partial and permanent disability to the head of the family or an earning member of the family of rural landless households in the states and also educational assistance to their children studying from 9th to 12th standard as an extended If the member dies within the duration of the policy then the concerned nominee will have to make an appeal for claiming the amount along with a proper death certificate to the nodal agency officer who is supposed to handle these procedures.

If the person met with permanent partial disability in an accident which results in the loss of an eye or limb or any other mishaps; Rs. They will need to provide medical certificate that is provided by a qualified orthopaedician or a civil surgeon.

If the member comes from a family that has been classed as an 'other occupational group' then the nodal agency that provided the policy shall be responsible for paying 50 per cent of the premium or the government of the state or union territory where the person stays.

It can also provide the amount through an account payee cheque or any other way it deems fit. Half of the coverage amount will be contributed by the Social Security Fund. In case the deceased's nominee is claiming benefits pertaining to accidental death then the nodal officer will have to file additional documents such as copy of the first information report FIRpolice inquest report, post mortem report and police conclusion report, which is also regarded as the final report submitted by the police.

However, this benefit will be provided as a clubbed amount after 6 months. In the initial stages the policyholders will need to pay an amount of Rs per year; this will ensure that they receive a cover of Rs 30, Share This Find information related to the general insurance companies.

How will the premium be paid? Scholarships available under this scheme The eligible children of the nominee will be required to complete an application form after every six months and then hand it over to the nodal agency. : LIC AABY Aam Admi Bima Yojana Scholarship

In order to prove their eligibility as beneficiaries of the programme the applicants will need to furnish proper age proof. Salient Features This scheme focuses on changing the topography of the Indian economy. Benefits of the Scheme If the person had a natural death, the nominee or the family member of the policyholder would be conferred a sum of Rs.