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Dumb Luck -- the work of a very young author, it should be remembered -- is fairly amusing, though the broad satire feels a bit dated so far out of its context and especially given what the nation has been through in the decades since ; still, it can be compared to similar humorous social criticism in Europe and the US in book and film of the same era -- albeit with some slightly different targets.

During this deeply reformist era everything conservative must be eliminated.

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Certainly, Dumb Luck is more than just a historical curiosity -- but not all that much more. A young man who had lost his parents in childhood and gotten by doing everything from helping to sell venereal disease medicine to being a tennis ball boy, his stroke of luck comes when he is fired from his ball boy job for peeping into the women's changing room.

Despite these caveats, the book is an amusing read both in Vietnamese and in English, and worthwhile for its unique and comical look at Hanoi in social transition. And it is this clash between tradition and modernity that Phung brings to light with amusingly biting satire Almost effortlessly and without being truly aware of it, he was gradually becoming an important player in society.

His stupidity was mistaken for a combination of courtesy and modesty, and it made him wildly popular.

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Most of the products we carry are actually not available in any retail outlets in the USA. We love to hear from people interested in our products and we reply to all contacts The translation is often clever, although this reviewer disagrees with some of the interpretations; the title's rendering as Dumb Luck, for example, is inaccurate and completely misses the author's point.

The setting is Vietnam in the s, when the country was undergoing enormous social change. Luck helps, too, as he opportunely is found to have great medical expertise not that saving Great-Grandpa's life is something that is welcomed by all the family members who are already eyeing their inheritances