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For the last couple years women had been wearing simpler designs, but in they wanted something a little more classic, more personal and more formal.

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Formal shoes became even lighter and more delicate, till they were only held to the foot by a cobweb of straps. A girdle could fit slightly above the waist or just to the waistline.

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There were innumerable greens, ranging from palest almond through olive to bottle and fir green. Cleaver would wear on their best night on the town.

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Much like bohemians of other eras, the beatniks stood against mass consumerism and the conservative ideals of the day. Unlike the bohemians and later hippies who played with historic styles and clothing concepts, the beatniks wore modern garments in an austere manner.

All shades of red were popular, as well as emerald green, deep yellows and sapphire blues.

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Source Hairstyles of the s Long hair, often worn by young girls, was drawn up into ponytails, or pulled into a French twist for formal occasions. Some girdles extended down to the thigh. Clothing styles during the war years featured dull colors, squared shoulders, and a minimal use of fabric and embellishments due to wartime restrictions.

He entered the Paris couture scene at an early age with designs based on separates with a youthful appeal. Hermes created the famous Kelly bag for the actress-turned-princess in order to shield her "baby bump" from the press. Her casual, open, hip-length blazer jackets were imitated by almost everyone.

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An hourglass figure dominated the look of the s. The trumpet skirt shape kept narrow till mid-thigh and then, breaking into flares or deep pleats, invaded even furs.